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Spiritual Healing: The Importance of Spirituality in Healing

by Thomas S. H. Kwan

1. Introduction 1
2. Review of Literature 3
3. Methods 5
4. Findings 7
5. Discussion 14
6. Summary and Conclusions 15
7. Appendices 16
8. Bibliography 18

The practice of religious rituals in the healing of illnesses is as old as religion itself. In this present time, the use of religious belief and rituals to heal is often labeled “spiritual healing” or “faith healing”. Common to the diversity of religions, is the belief in the healing power of religion and ritual practices that are designed to heal or enhance other forms of treatment of illnesses. This may also include touching, reading religious texts, employing ritual objects such as prayer beads or other forms of religious items, administering holy liquids, and other ritual practices. An example is that Christian Science places much faith in religious healing primarily through prayer. Frank A. Salamon. (2004). Encyclopedia of Religious Rites, Rituals, and Festivals.

The term healing used in this essay is in reference to both ancient and modern therapies classified as “Energy Healing” and/or “Spiritual Healing”, which are based on, touch, non-touch, laying on of hands, prayers, absent healing, and/or life force, primordial consciousness, which is identical to the respective source stated as Chi and Prana, but not including the use of product based healing therapies, body manipulation and message techniques.

Since the year two thousand, I have come across many healers who get sick because of and also through their healing work. Some have even dropped out of the healing circle when they reached a level beyond their ability and understanding, only to face the daunting fact that they are unable to progress further into their healing arts. There are also a handful of known cases where healers died as a result of spiritual warfare. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6).
The numbers who were frightened away due to difficult and scary encounters during the healing process could not be determined, as these once upon a time eager healers would rather not talk about their bad experience for reasons only known to the individuals.
This pattern seem not to be confined to geographic boundaries as the cases were observed in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore. Perhaps if a research is done on a worldwide basis, the trend could prove to be universal too.

It began as a curiosity on my part to want to know how and why some of these healers got into the healing arts in the first place only to give up within months of acquiring the knowledge and certificates and at best just a few years of practicing as healers and then drop out of the healing scene completely.

There are only a few ways by which the general public can learn healing and they are usually through the wide array of readily available self taught books that seemed to have mushroomed over the past fifteen or so years, learning through courses and workshops taught by teachers and healing masters, learning and receiving attunement through internet, gaining personal experience through the years and a very exceptional few through tapping upon their soul’s memory of past lives as healers. Many of these teachings are packaged with man-made rituals, belief systems, superstitious beliefs with some that are even fear based, hand-me-down hear-say through the ages of man-made techniques and possible ignorance of Universal Laws.

It is a natural process that a metaphysical practitioner will encounter request for healing as part of his/her diverse fields of expertise. It is therefore important that metaphysicians be armed with the truth of the highest order what Spiritual Healing could entail and not be misguided or unprepared.

There could be instances that a healer does not know before hand the extent and direction of where the healing process will lead to and thus will not be able to preselect which cases to take on or decline until it reaches a point too deep into the healing process. At times the problem is a combination of physiological malfunctions (such as hormone imbalances and/or brain malfunctions), emotional bruising, and the complications of mild to severe demonization, Dr. Ed Murphy, (2003), “The Handbook of Spiritual Warfare”.

Through this essay, it is my intention to share the limited knowledge that I have gained through hands-on experience healing healers and empowering them to evolve to higher consciousness, so that others who may be in the field of or have interest in metaphysics may be better informed and prepared should they have the chance to encounter challenges in their healing routine.

In this chapter, I will refer to a very small portion of the wide array of readily available self taught books on healing that anyone could purchase from bookshops or borrow from some libraries. To try to dissect all the books available on healing would end up writing an encyclopedia of healing arts which is not the objective of this essay.

”The Reconnection”, in this book, Dr. Eric Pearl (2001), describes the many books and tapes that teach healing as just another book that seem to be similar to books that teach steps of ‘how to dance the Tango’ and not really teach healing as they seem to be similar in structure of instructions such as where to place the hands, position to stand in reference to the patient and the many rituals that go into the healing process. He paraphrased Dr. Reginald Gold, a chiropractor and present-day philosopher who said that the myriad seminars on the subject of healing don’t teach healing at all; as they teach history of certain healers. Dr. Eric Pearl described this surge of interest in healing as high gullibility combined with what he calls ‘The Lemming Factor’ has people running en masse and jumping off one New Age cliff after another, looking for answers, yet drowning in a sea of continually redirected indecision. I tend to agree with him as I read through each and every book listed in the bibliography of this essay, trying to find out how much is taught or emphasized on the importance and role of spirituality in healing.

In his book “How to Heal the Sick”, Charles Frances Hunter (1981), wrote that God never intended for healing to be complicated. He made it very simple, but man tends to make it difficult. Jesus the great physician, gave the earthly healing job and said that those who believe shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover (Matthew 16:18).

“Spiritual Healing: Simple guide for the healing of the body, mind, spirit” by Stuart Grayson (1997) quoted many passages from the bible emphasizing that faith in the Almighty be put into action rather than believing in techniques and rituals.
Could it be perhaps a book will not sell at a profitable retail price if it just contains the truth of simplicity described in just a few lines? Or could it also be that many people who write books on healing have not reached the spiritual level of the healing process? Whatever the reason may be, there is a need for more books to teach people the spiritual connection which is the key to spiritual healing.

In her book “A Doctor’s Guide to Therapeutic Touch”, Susan Wagner, M.D. (1996) wrote that Therapeutic Touch is based on three fundamental beliefs. First that there is a universal healing energy that is available to all. The second is the belief that there is an underlying unity among all life forms. How we think and feel can affect our physical health is the third belief. She illustrates the first belief of the universal healing energy by explaining the order in the universe, giving examples of how things function according to universal principles and systems but what I find missing is any spiritual understanding of the healing process. Although the major part of the book brings together, for the first time, the studies and research that support the validity of this treatment when used as an adjunct to regular medical care, I feel that the mention of spirituality could have added more punch to the healing results.

David Furlong (1995), describes in his book “The Healer Within”, that the depletion of the Aura energy field can be an indication of potential illness and he goes on to write that all the training which induces a quality of sensitivity to the energies of others will weaken its protective quality thus explaining why therapists can sometimes have health problems, unless measures are taken to counteract this. He also illustrates that there are some places that may not be in harmony with the healer because the energy in these places could be appreciably stronger than the healer and thus it can influence the healer adversely.

“All pain, all suffering, is caused by separateness” as Richard Ellis quoted Barbara Ann Brennan in his book “Empower Your Life with Reiki” when he refer to the forgotten notion that we carry both masculine and feminine principles within us, regardless of our physical sex. Interestingly, he used photographs of faces to illustrate the emotional conflict and the imbalance of power between the masculine and feminine within each person. The rest of his book reads just like most other books written on Reiki, without dwelling into the spiritual aspect of Reiki. I would interpret separateness as the conscious mind’s illusion of being separate from Oneness that causes all pain and suffering rather than Richard Ellis’s interpretation of masculine and feminine principles.

Roy Stemman (1999) did not write his book titled; “Healers and Healing” as another book on alternative medicine but instead is a book that cited individuals in search of the invisible ‘spiritual’ healing power. A quick glance may lead one to conclude that there are many different healing forces at work. However in his finding, there is a single healing power, freely available to everyone, which has been labeled differently around the world according to local culture or religious beliefs. The healing methods he examined are just various attempts – all of them successful – to harness it to best effect. So there seems to be an essential element common among the world’s best known healers who are famous for their amazing cases. Through these cases, shows the reinforcement of the importance of spirituality in healing.

Dr. Norman Shealy (1999), the founder of the American Holistic Medicine Association, published his findings in his book “Sacred Healing”, he concluded that all healing ultimately comes from a Divine Source, and all illness stems from an imbalance or sickness in the spirit of the individual patient. He also concludes that we all have the power to heal ourselves.

Between the year 2000 and 2003, I had the opportunity to do healing work on a substantial number of healers. This sparked my curiosity as to why so many healers got sick and through their sharing, I was able to observe the methods, techniques, rituals and belief systems that determined their healing skills and limitations. There is a common misconception among healers that they try to ‘cure’ their clients rather than ‘heal’ them.

As Steven J. Sutcliffe (2003) in his book “Children of the New Age” wrote, healing is an open-ended engagement with the illness or disease (often rendered ‘die-ease’) where the emphasis is upon the process rather than the goal which may or may not lead to quantifiable ‘recovery’. Without knowing this, healers can become discouraged if they do not see any significant ‘recovery’ in their clients that can lead to not pursuing further into their healing art.

There were also cases which involved witched craft from Thailand and Indonesia that were not solved through religious means that I was asked to help out. In such cases my first question to them is have they exhausted all other means of assistance and secondly do they really want out of their situations. It is always my intention not to be known or tagged as a person to go, to be free from witched craft or possession as this is not my calling. To the surprise of those who came for such healing, they did not see me perform any rituals and not even gestures with my hands, but only to realize later that they were free from their afflictions.

The whole of 2004, Singapore experienced a decline in the economy. A few days before the end of that year, in one of my daily meditations, I was ‘told’ to help the Singapore economy by clearing the negative energies that were still lingering on from the Japanese occupation period. At that time I had no idea as to where in Singapore that I had to go to do such a task. But then the specific locations were only given during my Saturday evening meditations where I needed to go the following day. This routine continued every weekend for a period of twelve weeks and to my surprise, each location was a designated historical war site that prior to this I never heard of or visited. It was as though I signed up for a ‘historical tour’ but with a spiritual mission. During that time, I had a group of people learning meditation from me and they tagged along curious about the process. Together with this group were two spiritual teachers who were curious as they were wondering what such task would be like and also wanted to be part of the healing process. One of the two spiritual teachers was from United Kingdom and the other form Japan who witnessed the heavens opened with thousands of angels floating down and who later escorted the lingering souls back into heaven. The Japanese spiritual teacher also shared that the healing was not only in Singapore but she saw that the healing reached the corresponding families in Japan. At the end of the three months which was by then the end of the first quarter of 2005, the Singapore economy started to climb as reflected in (Appendixes 1), Economic Survey of Singapore, Third Quarter 2006. Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore. All the credit for the rise in the
economy was due to the brilliant implementation of economic policies by the country’s leadership and it was just my ‘coincidence’ to be on a ‘historical tour’ during that time.

In all the above mentioned healing encounters, the only method I used was just ‘Being in the presence of Oneness’, and allowed the will of Oneness to take effect in every single case. I did not channel any healing energies, there was no need for protection or grounding, no rituals, but just sitting quietly fully focused on the presence of Oneness.

In this chapter I will share my observations and experience through subchapter titles that have some common topics found in many books on healing.

Healing Masters: Because there are many people who teach healing, resulting in large numbers of individuals becoming ‘Reiki Masters’ after three weekends of training or less. Many doubt and question this type of training because how can one teach others a healing art that one just learned and not have time to practice, Pamela Miles, (2006), Reiki: a Comprehensive Guide. To me this is one of the main reasons why so many healers are ill equipped to handle spiritual healing as they have not gained in depth and diverse experience to cope with cases that are difficult and possibly spiritual in nature. This is a typical scenario where the blind leading the blind especially when the title of ‘master’ is more of an ego trip than the understanding of the true meaning and process of mastership where one evolves spiritually. As Jesus said; ‘if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into the pit’ (Matthew 15:14).
Mrs. Takata (the lady who brought Reiki outside of Japan) practiced over ten years of healing people before she taught her students. Even the spiritual teacher Ryuho Okawa (1987) “10 Principles of Universal Wisdom” did not teach any students until he has gained over ten years of experience and research to make sure he only taught the truth so as not to misguide others. He emphasized the horrendous karmic effect on masters who knowingly and unknowingly misguide others because peoples’ lives are changed for the worse by the teachings of such spiritually un-evolved masters.
People tend to depend on healers to have a quick-fix to their mental and emotional life issues rather than address the root cause of their problems (which in most cases may have a spiritual root) to the extent of some people becoming over dependent on healers. For new healers, this dependency from their clients may seem like a good initial business trend and ego trip but in most cases is only short lived as the clients become aware that their health and life issues are not rectified, hence the social trend of hopping from one healer to another in the hope to find a more powerful healer that could solve all their problems. Add on to this with the practice of not taking responsibility for one’s own health, some people tend to blame healers for not being able to heal them thus creating a vicious cycle of seeking a better healer. I have personally come across people who just want to know if I can heal them but only to turn away when I said my work is to empower them with knowledge so that they can heal themselves. This mind set could be due to the notion that healers are like doctors to whom they pay a fee for the treatment without effort on the part of the client to be responsible for their own health.
The ancient art of spiritual healing has somehow been tainted in recent years due to the fact that it is more profitable to teach healing by charging thousands of dollars for master level, than to do the healing and charge a nominal fee for the service. Hence the commercializing of healing arts resulting in the mushrooming of healing masters. This is not a general rule as there are truly very skilled, highly experienced and spiritually evolved spiritual healers who I would recognize, admire and respect as true masters in their own right.

Four Areas of Being: Healing should be a holistic and spiritual approach as a person is made up of four components and they are the body, mind, emotion and soul. Therefore illness could also be on any one or combination of the four components as they each and collectively affect each other as Dr. Caroline Myss Ph.D. (1996), mentioned in her book “Anatomy of the Spirit”.
Having had the opportunity to sit in as observer in numerous healing sessions by healers of various levels and diversity in abilities and skills, it is obvious that many healers just apply a ‘one-for-all solution’ approach to healing for all four levels of body, mind, emotion and spirit illnesses simply because many books on healing indicate that, healing is on all four levels of being.
As for the body, I believe that people require the basic nourishment of sensible and balanced diet that includes nutrients, minerals, vitamins, food with life force and ample amount of clean water to maintain a healthy body. Medical science has shown that the vast majority of people in many countries including the developed ones are malnourished due to poor eating habits resulting in modern diseases and illnesses. No amount of energy healing can replace this fundamental requirement of physical and biological need of a body to be and stay healthy.
The mind affects the emotions by triggering the respective hormones in our brain and thus affects how we feel, as explained by Dr. Peter Breggin (1991) in his groundbreaking book “Toxic Psychiatry”. Through over fifteen years of helping people with depression, I have noticed that the vast majority of cases only show signs of improvement the moment they choose to change their perception on life’s issues and stress causing events. “A person will get well when he is tired of being sick”, Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching. This is where spiritual healing takes the form of understanding the true meaning of spiritual awakening through the knowledge gained in the teachings but more importantly the application of religious and philosophical knowledge that most people already have intellectually.
The role of a metaphysician is vital in helping people look at life from a holistic point of view through the process of spiritual awakening but more importantly is to follow through to guide them by the application of the knowledge gained. Knowledge is only good when put into use until the spiritual tools become part of daily habit. Otherwise it’s just knowledge in the head and mind but not understood on the soul awareness level.

Higher Purpose in Life: The majority of people try to find happiness in life through pleasure, wealth and power not knowing that all worldly benefits are by-products of finding meaning in life as illustrated by David Guttmann (2008), in his book “Finding Meaning in Life at Midlife and Beyond”. Many people tend to just exist trying to run the rat race, coping up with the Joneses and drifting aimlessly in the ocean of life. This to me is because people are ignorant of the fact that to pursue things for pleasures of the body, mind and emotion are but just temporary and stressful if the true self has no part in all their activities.
In the 1940s, Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, studied people around the world and reported that those who were not spiritual did not thrive. He stated that the doubt about higher purpose or spiritual meaning in life may be a major root cause of many illnesses.

The Dwindling of Spirituality in Our Societies: Dr. Ushi’s original Reiki practice focused on spiritual development, with healing as a by-product. Whereas Reiki, as it is often practiced today, tends to focus on healing with spiritual development as the by-product, as according to Pamela Miles, (2006). Couple this to the possibility that many masters and healing teachers may not be spiritually evolved themselves there is therefore a big spiritual void in many of today’s healing arts.

Christian Scientists are not primarily concerned with bodily health; in fact they undoubtedly give far less attention to their bodies than most people. The words “health” and “healing” as used in Christian Science apply to the demonstration of spiritual wholeness in all the aspects of human living as according to The Christian Science Publishing Society (1966) in the book “A Century of Christian Science Healing”.

Somehow through the ages, the importance of spirituality has given way to emphasis on how the body should look and feel. Perhaps this is not a coincidence if we trace the decline of spirituality with the advancement of mass media where our modern life style is molded by an endless bombardment of subliminal advertisements and drama programs emphasizing on aesthetics and materialism, thus eroding the moral and spiritual fiber of societies. I am not saying here that we should not advance in technology but rather how the technology could also be put to better use in the evolution of human consciousness.

The transpersonal psychology movement emphasizes a connectedness with spirit, soul or God. The holistic health movement emphasizes the importance of the spiritual aspects of life in over-all well-being. There is a slow but gradual come back of the use of the concept of body, mind and spirit as being parts of the whole.

The Polarity Level: With people becoming more misguided by materialistic pursuits at the expense of spiritual awakening, it is no wonder that many illnesses of the mind and spirit are linked with the increase of sorcery and dark magic. One reason why religion and ritual play a major role in the treatment of disease is the widespread belief that at least some diseases are caused by supernatural forces. One survey of a world sample of societies indicates that in almost every society (137 out of 139 studied) some illnesses are believed to be caused by supernatural agents. Attribution of disease to supernatural forces is found among people in all regions of the world and especially deep in East Asia region. Magical explanations for disease attribute illness and often death to the deliberate actions of humans who use ritual magic to cause others to fall ill or die. The most common forms of ritual magic in South East Asia are sorcery and witchcraft. Frank A. Salamone (2004).

In my most trying spiritual warfare in the year 2003 when for one whole month was receiving on a daily basis psychic attacks simultaneously by four Bomohs (some Bomohs choose to work from the negative side of polarity), I realized one of the true purpose of polarity. Being over exhausted from the tedious heavy bombardment of psychic attacks from all corners for about thirty days, the fight finally ended when wisdom was gained. I realized that there is no end to this but to go beyond the polarity back to the Oneness level. As stated in passage five of Timothy Freke’s (1995) interpretation of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching, ‘do not dwell in the polarity but focus on the Oneness for this is where it all began and will end’. The moment I realized this, and proclaimed in a meditation ‘lets all go back to Oneness’, the entire premises became vibrant with positive energy and people started coming back to the meditation centre.

Having heard from a significant number of healers who gave up on their healing skills, I realize that it is when they were tested at the polarity fight that brought them to face defeat. Many of these healers entered into the polarity fight by calling upon their healing masters and other entities by invoking their presence through prayers and rituals. Healing Cults, also known as ‘cults of affliction’ are religious associations which respond to ‘illnesses’ that are believed to be the result of intervention by spiritual entities in the lives of living persons.

Traditional Malay healers would also have to deal with Spiritual sickness (Sakit Semangat), Reverse sickness, Witchcraft (Jin) sickness, Sickness caused by evil spirits (Sakit Hantu), Drive away Satan (Iblis) etc. Roland Werner (1986). This is not limited to only Malay healers but is spread across Thailand; Salguero, C. Pierce(2006), “Spiritual Healing of Traditional Thailand” and Chinese cultures too. Just like the Hawaiians believe that disease was understood to be the result of an evil spirit inhabiting a person’s body and much of the cure lay in the removal of the offending spirit (that had been sent by another person). Another form of possession is where unscrupulous people could send spirits of the dead (artificially created ghost) to torment or to possess the living. Scott Cunningham (1994),”Hawaiian Magic & Spirituality”.

Because many people are ignorant of the true purpose of the laws of polarity that they become enslaved fighting and struggling within the realm of polarity. Polarity is unavoidable and a necessary natural universal phenomena. Without polarity the universe would not exist. But to understand polarity one has to embrace the fact that neither side of the polarity is truly what it is, that is because within each side of the polarity lies the other side as illustrated clearly and simply by the ‘Tai-Chi’ design. Each side of the polarity is no greater than its opposite side and hence when one struggles within this level, it just would lead to endless struggles and test as energy is cyclic. The idea is to reflect on what the situation has as a gift for wisdom for the soul’s evolution on either side of the polarity. Jonathan Daemion (1989) describes the 86 Tantric Polarities and the Tao in his book “The Healing Power of Breath” to show the diversities of wisdom that can be gain within the polarity.

Protection & Grounding: I like the frank way Joyce Hawkes, Ph.D. (2007) puts it in her book “Cell-Level Healing”; ‘There are hundreds of activities designed for protection that are supposed to prevent negative energy from disrupting the healthy or healing states, such as wearing amulets, or saying magical words. After a lot of disappointment, dashed hopes, and discouragement regarding techniques, I found that the true stability and protection is the connection with Nature, Source, God, or the Universe – however you name it.’

There are many books on healing that teach the use of protection and grounding. Two such books are “The Seven Levels of Healing” by Lilla Bek and Philippa Pullar (1986) and “Your Healing Power” by Jack Angelo (1994). Through my experience, there are situations where protection does not work because of two Universal Laws. The first is that high pressure flow to low pressure and in a healing situation where the client has a higher sick or negative energy, it tends to overwhelm the healer that has a lower energy potential. I have seen that this could lead to a healer falling seriously ill when the grounding is not large enough to transfer the higher negative energy from the clients. The second is that there are, sick energy with ‘spiky’ characteristic and this does break any bubble of protection with its focused sharp property. This type of energy need not be higher potential than the healers to do damage.

Through my experience, Joyce Hawkes is right when she recommends the best protection is to connect straight to the Source. “Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world” (I John 4:4).

Channeling: There are several books that teach channeling. Examples are two books by Barbara Ann Brennan (1987 & 1993), “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging”. I do not subscribe to channeling be it channeling of healing energy or an entity. The reason being, a person who channel is like a conduit of energy or consciousness. Then the question of how pure and large is this conduit? Taking into consideration that a person is made up of body, mind, emotion and spirit, it would be impossible to keep all four areas of being in the purest and largest capacity to channel effectively. As quantum physics states that matter is energy and consciousness, then whatever is channeled through the healer will be passed onto the client. Those that are psychic and sensitive will be able to pick up the state of condition the healer is during the channeling procedure. What I subscribe is to “be in the Oneness”. Imagine like being in and being part of the ocean of Oneness consciousness. This to me is the purest of energy and consciousness when we immerse in the Source rather than to be a conduit. There is no reason to call upon healing masters, angels, guides, ancestors or all other entities when everything and everyone originally came from the Source. Hence it is best to connect to the Oneness by being in the Oneness.

According to Charles Frances Hunter (1981); “If you are spirit-filled, you have in you the very same resurrection power that brought Jesus Christ out of the grave – the power of the Holy Spirit. You have the power residing in you at all times! You do not have to work up an emotion.”

Ted Andrews (1993) in his book “The Healer’s Manual” indicates that a healer is one who learns to attune to vital, curative forces both physical and spiritual so as to be a conductor of healing energy. He also went on to write that the degree to which it is conducted determines the degree of healing that occurs. That is why all the more a healer should be one with the Source and not channel!

Shift in Consciousness: Mary Rockwood Lane (2000), made an important discovery in her research study for her Ph.D. in nursing, ‘Over and over again, people said that they went into a space inside themselves where they actually experienced a shift in consciousness. This shift allowed them to see their whole lives in a new way. When the shift in point of view occurred, the life healing began.’

“Genuine Christian healing is never projected from person to person through space but flows freely to all who understand that infinite Mind is no respecter of persons. This does rule out the ‘suggestion’ which plays a key role in much psychological counseling. A Christian Science practitioner does not ‘suggest’ health to his patient any more than he would try to make the sun shine. His task as he sees is simply to rise into the altitude of thought in which the unobstructed light of Truth shows him man as he really is. This is not a matter of mystical transportation or the result of repeating esoteric formulas; it is a humble and rational turning to Mind for light.” The Christian Science Publishing Society (1966).

Though this is a well known fact that there has to be a shift in consciousness for the healing to take place, but in reality, many do not know how to make this consciousness shift or connection. Not until they discover that there are three minds, they being the ‘The Conscious Mind’ which is the thinking logical mind. Then there is the ‘Sub-Conscious Mind’ which is divided into the autonomous systems that runs our bodily functions and the memory that is programmed by our conscious mind that creates our reactions to situations, issues and outside stimulus. The third and most important is the ‘Super-Conscious Mind’ which is also known as the Universal Mind, God Consciousness, Intuitive Mind and by other names. It is the ‘Super-Conscious Mind’ that is the gateway to the Source.

But then even if people know that they have to use their ‘Super-Conscious Mind’ to connect to the source, the question is how do we know which of the three minds are we using? This can easily be identified by being aware of and learning to manage the brainwave as illustrated in (Appendix 2), Brainwaves and Three Minds Connection from “Key to Life’s Mysteries” public seminar by Thomas Kwan (2008).

For those of scientific mind, I would like to refer to the pioneering work of the German physicist, Burkhard Heim (1925 – 2001), (Appendix 2), there are twelve dimensions that bring matter into direct contact with consciousness. Communication between these areas happens by means of time-wave. The research work of Soviet physicist, Nicolai A. Kozyrev, describes time as the force that turns cause into effect. Where time is a force – as wave, and its patterns contain information about every physical process in the world. This research gives time a key role in the communication between the information-space and matter. The influence of time-wave turns information into matter and vice versa. Every material process generates a pattern in the time-wave. This pattern is accessible everywhere in the universe, independent of space and time.

Hence the connection through the Super-Conscious Mind with the Source where all the blue print of creation is available, can now be downloaded for the process of healing.

As is being now medically documented in United States of America, the new children (probably the Rainbow Children and not the Crystal or Indigo) who were born of AIDS but are able to heal themselves from AIDS without medical intervention. (Children of the New Dream Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek By Diane Cooper).

A Chinese proverb: “If we don’t change our course we will end up where we were heading.” For those who respond to the call as healers and have not been spiritually involved, it is never too late to start to focus on ones spiritual growth.

In this exciting period of Earth’s evolution, it is our calling as metaphysicians to help people to realize their true self as Spirit Beings (Soul) and rise above the illusion of the body, conscious mind and human emotions.
Just after the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic that hit China in November 2002, I received an email that was circulating in the Internet about the personal observation of a Chinese doctor who was on duty in the critical ward where victims of the SARS were cared for. Having been a doctor of that hospital for many years, he knew many of the patients, doctors, nurses and care givers. He noticed that those who died of SARS which included doctors, medical staff and patients were either religious but not spiritual or did not belief in any faith.

Being religious does not necessarily make a person spiritual. Religion involves adherence to a particular set of beliefs where Spirituality on the other hand is how a person relates to the invisible art of life. How we grapple with issues such as higher meaning and values which is intensely personal and not optional. People are more likely to heal if they are spiritually engaged people, even those who consider themselves religious, don’t have the tools to engage spiritually. Pamela Miles (2006).

Many people are guided to think that practicing ritual and praying is the way to Oneness. However if they are just using their conscious mind, there is no connection but merely ‘wishful thinking’. They have to learn how to manage their brainwave to open up their Super-Conscious mind to Oneness.

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of diseases”, Hippocrates. Though people may see us as healers, but in actual fact we do not heal them. Our true work is to empower them by showing them how to connect with their true self and by doing so they will know how to be one with the Source where the true essence of healing comes from.

It has been proven time and time again through history that spirituality is important as the very core of our existence. It is the very foundation that puts higher meaning into our lives. The spirit cannot be separated nor ignored, pretending that it does not exist for no matter how secular rationality has created a false dichotomy between ‘matter’ and ‘spirit’, we cannot function as a whole until we merge spirituality back into our lives.

Out of ignorance, many people think they are being spiritual when they follow the wide array of ‘new age’ activities. Spirituality is not determined by the type of, frequency of doing, or the pursuit of perfect postures, chanting of mantras, recital of texts but rather the connectedness to nature and Oneness.

Perhaps its time we redirect more energy to review our personal spiritual journey reflecting how we strayed, where we are and how to move back having side tracked for so long. It is also time we review the sources of our spiritual information that we may not be misguided. It is also not too late to check our belief systems and activities so as to help to make sure it leads us back to the Source.

As Zen Master Shunru Suzuki said; “The most important thing is to find out the most important thing”

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Appendixes 3: Research work on Consciousness according to German physicist Burkhard Heim (1925 – 2001).
German physicist Burkhard Heim (1925 – 2001), the four-dimensional visible world – the dimensions d1 to d4 is only the lower level of the universe.
Above that lies the Energetic Stimulation Field (ESF) – the dimensions d5 to d6 – and the information space – the dimensions d7 to d12.
The two lower levels of the information space form the Global Information Field (GIF).
These twelve dimensions bring matter into direct contact with consciousness. Communication between these areas happens by means of the time-wave.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to Prepare for & Survive 2012 & Beyond

Here is the summary of my talk for your guideline:

1) Accept there will be Major Changes.

2) Focus and use your Energy for Constructive efforts rather than dissipating energy in unnecessary worries and anxieties.

3) Do your Higher Purpose in Life (Fulfill Soul's Needs as this is why you are here).

4) Be Spiritual. Being religious does not necessarily mean you are spiritual. Performing rituals does not mean you are spiritual. Doing new age activities does not mean you are spiritual. In the 1940's, Carl Jung the Swiss psychiatrist, studied people around the world and reported that "Those Who Were Not Spiritual Did Not Thrive", He stated that the doubt about higher purpose or spiritual meaning in life may be a "Major Root Cause of Many Illnesses". (Learn to be Connected with Oneness and not at the polarities). Anything that creates Fear is not of or come from Oneness. Fear is an indication of seperateness from Oneness.

5) Know Your True Self. As Quantum physics has proven that you are light vibration and consciousness (Soul), your true self is not your body, or your mind or emotions but you are a Soul. Your true self does not die.

6) Know how to use your Three Minds. Conscious Mind and Sub-Conscious Mind (10%), Super-Conscious Mind (90%).

7) Live Intuitively. This is your 90% of capacity that will guide you to the right places at the right time, for the right purpose and with the right people for the right reasons. This way you would not be a victim of the 2012 effects just like the birds, animals and mamals who avoided the Tsunami of 26th December 2004.
If you want to know more about the above or feel that it would be useful information for others to know, then contact me to arrange for similar talks, seminars or workshops to prepare for and survive 2012 and beyond.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Secret Life of Plants

I started to teach "Tree-Gong" since year 2000.
One year into teaching "Tree-Gong", in my meditation, i had a prompting to find scientific backing for what i was teaching with the notion that i will be asked for scientific proof. Without knowing the name of the author, book title or ISBN number, but using the guidance of my intuition, i went to Boarders and within a few minutes found this book "The Secret Life of Plants". Since then i was interviewed for life style magazines and newspaper featured articles. If you are interested to know more about the facinating world of plants and how they interact with humans, do get yourself a copy.

Friday, January 23, 2009

How to Attract What You Want in 2009

Hi everyone,
As all segments of society including Fung Shui masters have predicted a bad 2009, i wish to draw your attention to where you have the power to choose to focus your attention and energies this year.

Just to share with you - be conscious not to use words such as "hope", "try", "wish" etc.
as these will be programed into our subconscious mind that we may not receive what we wish for.

The Universe awaits for our definate decision that we know what we want and our subconscious mind starts to attract what we really want as brain waves are frequencies braodcast into the Universe.

Our emotions are the amplifiers of our thought frequencies and thus enhances our subconscious mind.

We are in an era of higher consciousness where we can "Co-Create" with Oneness rather than unlike before where we have to ask in hope that we deserve to receive.

Also be in the Alpha or Theta state of brain wave when you pray as the Beta brain wave is only "Wishful Thinking" and the Universe does not interfere because humans have the power of choice and there is no communication connection made at Beta brain wave.

Believe in your heart that its going to be a good year for you and it will happen.
This is done by consolidating your energy only in the outcome that you want and your intuition will guide you to the right people, things, events, timing in accordance to the Universal Good for All etc to create the outcome.

Remember that you are a dynamic soul that is made in the image of the Oneness and therefore are able to Co-Create.
Know what you want, focus on the end result you want and your believe is the amplifier to attract.

Remember that within the Polarity, there is also the eye of opportunity within the body of the black tadpole.
Therefore focus on the opportunity and not the adversities which the average person is trained to only see pesimisism.

Use this knowledge until it becomes part of your habit and you will have a good year ahead.