Friday, January 23, 2009

How to Attract What You Want in 2009

Hi everyone,
As all segments of society including Fung Shui masters have predicted a bad 2009, i wish to draw your attention to where you have the power to choose to focus your attention and energies this year.

Just to share with you - be conscious not to use words such as "hope", "try", "wish" etc.
as these will be programed into our subconscious mind that we may not receive what we wish for.

The Universe awaits for our definate decision that we know what we want and our subconscious mind starts to attract what we really want as brain waves are frequencies braodcast into the Universe.

Our emotions are the amplifiers of our thought frequencies and thus enhances our subconscious mind.

We are in an era of higher consciousness where we can "Co-Create" with Oneness rather than unlike before where we have to ask in hope that we deserve to receive.

Also be in the Alpha or Theta state of brain wave when you pray as the Beta brain wave is only "Wishful Thinking" and the Universe does not interfere because humans have the power of choice and there is no communication connection made at Beta brain wave.

Believe in your heart that its going to be a good year for you and it will happen.
This is done by consolidating your energy only in the outcome that you want and your intuition will guide you to the right people, things, events, timing in accordance to the Universal Good for All etc to create the outcome.

Remember that you are a dynamic soul that is made in the image of the Oneness and therefore are able to Co-Create.
Know what you want, focus on the end result you want and your believe is the amplifier to attract.

Remember that within the Polarity, there is also the eye of opportunity within the body of the black tadpole.
Therefore focus on the opportunity and not the adversities which the average person is trained to only see pesimisism.

Use this knowledge until it becomes part of your habit and you will have a good year ahead.