Saturday, March 13, 2010

Catalyst for Our Wisdom

by Thomas Kwan.

"Forgiveness: happy people know forgiveness sets the soul free. A famous person said, 'Living with resentment is like taking poison and expecting the other person to get sick.' open your heart to the gift of happiness by letting go of pain, judgment, anger, and resentment." (Hall 29).

People struggle to forgive because though they may say they have forgiven, in actual fact they cannot forget the hurt they suffered. The pain lives on because it is literary etched in the memory of the brain and can be triggered anytime in the future because the ego still hurts and sometimes they feel they are victimized or misunderstood. Forgiveness is a state of consciousness of the thinking conscious mind and because of this it has the habit to dwell on unpleasant things, issues and people thus keeping the toxic emotions brewing for a long time which over time is detrimental to our health.

But the soul see others as catalyst for the soul’s wisdom, this changes the perception completely. First we do not expect others to change because as catalyst they themselves do not change their form but they create reactions upon those they come in contact with. Then there is no need for forgiveness but instead we become thankful for the role of the catalyst for being part of the process of our evolution. Everyone, every event, issue in life, experience provides an opportunity of wisdom for our soul’s evolution.

“Compassion sprang forth from my heart when I saw that all human beings, even those who were cruel and selfish, were majestic and magnificent at their core. Each was an essential part of the great wonderment of life. It was a blessing to be here on this planet, even in the bad times, and that there was a Divine plan for each of us. I understand that everything was good – everything – and eventually each occurrence in life would allow us to raise our level of consciousness.” (Linn xiv).

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