Saturday, March 13, 2010

Religion and Reincarnation.

70% of the world’s religions have reincarnation in their central core of believe system. They belief that at the point of death, the human spirit will separate from the human body and travels to another world. They also believe that the spirit will return to live another life.

If 70% of major religions belief in Reincarnation, then why and when onwards till now are the Bibles rewritten without Reincarnation as compared to the original Bible?

It is documented in history that the early Christian church believed in Reincarnation and that the soul returns back to Oneness. But all this changed some 500 years after the death of Christ because of an imperial decree by the Roman emperor Justinian in 545 A.D. Using the full power of Rome through his authority, he stopped the belief in Reincarnation by forcing the ruling cardinals to draft a papal decree stating that those who belief that souls come from God and return to God will be punished by death. The actual decree stated: ‘if anyone asserts the fabulous pre-existence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it: let him be anathema. (The Anathemas against Origen), attached to the decree of the Fifth Ecumenical Council, A.D. 545, in Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, 2d ser., 14:318).

This is only one of the many discrepancies found in the various versions of the bible that is creating much confusion and is definitely not helping those who are seeking to know the truth.