Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Four Stages of Your Life and What They Mean to You.

by Thomas Kwan.

To understand the phases of life better we must be aware of the four main stages of life and they are as follows:

Ego/Personality Awareness: This is the process of awareness that starts from birth right till teenage years where one tries to discover what am I really? It covers the stages of childhood mental development, emotional awareness of from between 8 to 14 years of age and the reproductive developments of the body of the creative teen.

Ego/Personality Search: From the lunar node which is about eighteen years seven months onwards, the search for who I am takes a turn when one tries to figure out what career path, social identification, and the pursuit for the finer things in life.

Soul Search: This is the stage when one has or not attain whatever they want in life but begin to ask and ponder if there is more to life or what is the higher purpose in life.

Soul Awareness Living: One has come to a stage where the acceptance of the authentic self is the soul and now begin to live a soul conscious life where it takes a leap in consciousness.

"I invite you to look at your actions. You've deeply involved in your physical life. You've paid little attention to your soul. It's been a challenging period. Yes, all the more reason to have included your soul in the process.” (Walsch 9).

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