Saturday, March 13, 2010

Living in the "Now" Solves Mind Worries.

by Thomas Kwan.

The past is gone and cannot be changed. The past is for us to reflect and learn from it in the hope of gaining wisdom from the experience. Reflection and observation of the past helps us gain wisdom for the soul. No one knows what the future may bring. But the future is dependent on what we do now.

We only have this very moment which is the essence of the moment. If we let this moment just go by with frustrations of the past and worry of the future, we have lost the moment of opportunity to make our lives meaningful. The moment is all we’ve got to make life the way we want to feel.

If we can apply this simple task of living in the moment, we will experience more of the essence of the moment in everything that we do and every relationship that we have and see the beauty of life unfolding before our eyes. Just like a flower in bloom is but a tender brief moment but capturing its moment lives in our hearts forever.

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