Saturday, March 13, 2010

What is Metaphysics?

by Thomas Kwan.

Metaphysics is about the dynamic interaction and constant evolution of consciousness in tune with the Universal agenda of evolution. It has always been an individual experience and has never stayed stagnant with obsolete man made rules, rituals, superstitions, suppression and control over others.

Metaphysics is non-secular and does not belong to any organizational structure and therefore it definitely has no influence on or political ambitions. In this essay I wish to refer to Metaphysics is not a noun but a verb; it is about the individual’s path to finding the authentic self with the understanding and wide leeway that many paths lead back to the same original source. That is why metaphysics can be and is being embraced by more people of many creeds, races, faiths and walks of life for everyone can resonate with the Universal truth only their authentic self could identify with.