Saturday, March 13, 2010

Soul Awareness Living: It's Impact on Global.

by Thomas Kwan.

I must profess that I am totally new in the area of ecology but I am very encouraged by the vast array of work that is being done by so many quarters of science, technology, societies and non-governmental organizations around the world. It is a bright light at the end of the tunnel when we are now faced with global warming, greenhouse effect, depleting natural oil and other natural resources that we have taken for granted for generations. "The rise of ecology, the environmental sciences, and the search for sustainable development provide a creative new vision which may make it possible to counter, perhaps even reverse, some of the destructive human interventions in nature." (King 47).

In a way the awareness of the eminent coming of these calamities have stirred and awaken the soul consciousness of these driving forces behind such projects as energy conservation, alternative energies, organic farming just to name a few. This trend can be illustrated by but not limited to a few such projects mentioned as follows:

"New technology created for more efficient batteries.” Paris - A nanoscale material developed in Britain could one day yield wafer-thin mobile phones and light-weight, long-range electric cars. AFP. 17th Feb 2010. (18). Today newspaper.

“Record number of entries for competition on environmental sustainability.” SINGAPORE: A competition on environmental sustainability saw a record number of entries from local schools. The Green Wave Environmental Care Project received a total of 292 submissions. - Saturday, January 30. Channel NewsAsia

“First eco—town in Punggol, solar panels in more HDB precincts.” SINGAPORE: Plans are underway to turn Punggol into Singapore’s first eco—town as part of the sustainable development blueprint. The aim is that over the next five years, energy consumption in public areas will go down by up to 30 percent while energy use in households is targeted to decrease by 10 percent. - Friday, January 29. Channel NewsAsia

Only the people that are driven by their soul consciousness will see things from a higher perspective of being one with and part of Mother Earth. How we live our life has an effect on everything and everyone around us in so many ways because we are all intertwined and linked within one enormous living organism. The micro vision of understanding this macro concept is imagine you and I are but just one part of a cell in the living human body that whatever state we are in has an impact on the entire body.

"The consciousness of the global, of one planet, of one world, possesses many positive features. It can point to a greater sense of being together, a new global sense of responsibility and ethics, which tries to address global problems through concerted human effort and consensus, created by sharing the same intentions and spirit. As Ewert Cousins and others have pointed out, contemporary spirituality needs to be a 'global spirituality'-global in the sense that it is both rooted in the earth, and connected to the diversity of peoples, cultures, and faiths around the globe." (King 44).

“If we take care of nature, harness its energy, and learn to adapt to it, we will feel that this is our world and be grateful for it.” (Steger 174).

“The biosphere provides us with a biological vision of oneness- the web of life- but human history, philosophy, and religion, also know of the dream of a cultural and social oneness of humankind. This theme is very ancient, found in numerous creation stories and myths. The vision of a common beginning, of a shared origin and destiny, is also deeply enshrined in the teachings of different world faiths. In Christianity, for example, there exists the notion of the oikoumene, the whole inhabited world, an idea that the early Christians took over from the Greeks and Romans. The oikoumene expresses a belonging together, a common identity, beyond particular individuals and groups. Other faiths posses their own images and words pointing to this greater, underlying unity of humankind patterned by the flux of history and destiny. Numerous religious teachings speak about the inclusiveness of creation and salvation for all human beings, visions that are all embracing and universal in their intentionality. Traditionally, religions foster wisdom and morality, have guided individuals and groups through life, and shaped entire civilizations. Yet their noble teachings on human unity, peace, and justice have shown few outward signs of real success, since religious' loftiest ideals have rarely been fully put into practice." (King 51).

Besides this Earth and all her inhabitants is all that we have, it’s our only home in this vast universe. There are still billions of people out there somewhere; that are deprived of basic living fundamentals not due to their own choices. They are also part of us as Universal family and if they hurt and are suffering, so are we.

This includes seeking wholeness for the human community, living with nature, taking seriously our responsibility for the future well-being of planet Earth, and for the future of all people but it can only come when we are conscious of our own soul and the soul of our planet.

Conscience only comes when people are aware of and guided by their soul otherwise it’s just an elaborate and extravagant whitewash that even supersede the Oscars.

For the many people who are soul aware and helping to make our global community and Mother Earth a better place, I thank you and may you be blessed with more inspirations and aspirations fulfilled.