Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Ilusion of Time

by Thomas Kwan

A physicist who explains timelessness and eternity; “In an interview in Discover magazine with the famous physicist Julian Barbour, author of The End of Time, ‘there is no past and no future. Indeed, time and motion are nothing more than illusions. In Barbour’s universe, every moment of every individual’s life – birth, death, and everything in between – exists forever. ‘Each instant we live, is, in essence eternity’ Barbour says.” (Yahya 170).

The unprepared elderly and the people who are given a short time to live due to terminal illnesses are usually the ones that are anxious about death. This is because they are not aware that their higher self that is in charge of this Earth life are reminding them through their sub-conscious mind that their contract with their physical body in this life time is coming to an end and that the lessons and higher purpose which they were meant to fulfill has not been done.

I would use the analogy of the academic school to shed light to this understanding. Imagine if you will that a student has not been serious about the studies for three quarters of the school year and suddenly realize that there is not enough time to cram all the learning required with the little amount of time left. I do not know about you but I sure did have my share of anxieties and panic during my school days because of this illusion of time syndrome. This is exactly how the subconscious mind disturbs us when we have not fulfilled our lessons in this life time. Hence this gives rise to the anxiety and fear of death syndrome.

We have heard about how the dying can experience their life flashing past them as if viewing the movie of their life in super speed. Well this is what the higher self does as it reflects the life’s experience against the list of lessons it was meant to learn in the life time.

When we are aware that our soul’s purpose is to evolve in this Earth school of wisdom for the soul, then we are much more prepared and at peace when the time comes when we are to graduate - knowing that we have fulfilled our higher purpose and also gained the wisdoms we were here to have.

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