Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Illusion of Enlightenment

by Thomas Kwan.

Many people have a notion that enlightenment is a destination and a state of which they aspire to attain and be in. Enlightenment is not a destination but little wisdoms gained along the way in this Earth life, past lives and future lives to come. Collectively these little wisdoms gained contribute to the soul’s purpose to evolve which is part of the purpose of the Universal Consciousness. Enlightenment therefore is an endless process of the soul’s evolution through wisdoms gained through life’s issues and challenges that is not a destination, not affected by time and space, not a state of mind nor is it only reachable by a select few of evolved beings.

I would like to use the analogy of the academic school for the thinking conscious mind to help shed light on understanding the school of wisdom for the soul. If one were to stretch the imagination of the impossibility that all of a sudden a toddler is suddenly bestowed with the wealth of knowledge of a professor as if mysteriously popped out from a genie lamp – it’s impossible and ridiculously improbable an accomplishment. The process of gaining knowledge is a gradual exposure to the learning process from infancy, toddler, preschool, primary, secondary academic education and so on. Every step of the learning process will bolsters, fosters and expands the person’s knowledge of the world he/she lives in.

The moment the person stops learning is the time the person becomes stagnated in growth. Knowledge for the conscious mind is only limited to this single life span on Earth. Whereas, the school of wisdom for the soul, is not constrained by the limitations of this Earth life, which is subjected to the fragility of the physical body, through ageing, illness, diseases and eventual death and decay of the body.

Wisdom gained through the many past lives are never lost as they are stored in the soul’s memory and can be called upon when needed and this explains why some people are wiser than others given the same demographic, economic, educational, environmental backgrounds. The saying that a person is an old soul is a testament to his/her ability to see through and beyond the thinking, analytical, logical and mental memories of the average person. Hence we are not our body, mind or emotions but our authentic self is our evolving soul!

On the same note, for some people, they have been also mislead to belief a misconception that this could be their last life on Earth without any need for more reincarnations because they have been told by astrologers that based on numerological calculations and according to their stars and destiny they have reached their ultimate spiritual achievements. I personally feel that the effect of being told such a misconception would only help bring temporary relief and hope to those people who are encountering hardship and sufferings beyond their understanding. Yet having told this the search for higher meaning in life still goes on. It is only when they find their authentic self that they come to terms with life and end the cyclic suffering.

It is the purpose of the Universal Consciousness to evolve through souls and this misconception runs in total contradiction of its purpose. If people were to realize that every life issue and situation is an opportunity for wisdom for the evolution of their soul, they would not be focusing on the negative side of the polarity but rather look at life from the elevated higher level of the soul’s consciousness. But this view goes far beyond the bird’s eye view on life as it opens up to looking at life from the way that Oneness intended us to do.

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