Saturday, March 13, 2010

Universal Law of the Rippling Effect.

by Thomas Kwan.

Many people are not aware of the enormous power of the Universal law of the ‘Rippling Effect’. From time to time I would remind myself of this empowering observation in nature that I realized by observing the reaction of the ripples generated by the dropping of a stone in a still and calm pond. It is not so much of the ripples that the dropped stone generate outwards from the point of entering the water surface but the returning rippling effect once the ripples reach the shoreline. The stone may have a circumference of about three inches but the ripple at the circumference of the pond is thousands of inches to say the least. The energy generated coming back towards the point of entry by the stone into the water is now multiplied thousands of fold over.

This Universal law applies to every thought, word and action that we have and some people are confused and wonder why things turn out the way they are in their lives in terms of business, social, family etc. Our reality is our own creation regardless if we are conscious of it or not. When we change out intentions, we change ourselves and we change the rippling effect to and from the world around us.

“We shall serve for the joy of serving, and prosperity will flow to us and through us in streams of plenty.” (Filmore 2).

I have heard of corporations using the concept ‘win-win-win’ and ‘social responsibility’ in their sales and marketing drive. But their clients and consumers can easily sense it is just a marketing gimmick if there is no soul in the corporate direction.

When we do things for the universal good for all, it is inline with the Universal law of peace, harmony and abundances. If we chose to work against this natural law, then we must be prepared to face its consequences thousands of times over. Would it not then be better to work in line with the Universe and be blessed thousands of times over?

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