Saturday, March 13, 2010

How to Tap on the Power of Prayer

by Thomas Kwan.

All religions teach their followers to pray but yet many feel that their prayers are not answered. Over a period of unanswered prayers anyone will give up and start to doubt that the infinite even exist.

It is not just the reciting, frequencies and numbers of repetitions of prayers that the prayers will be heard or answered. Prayers being answered or not is another extensive subject but will not be covered in this essay or else this essay will have no ending. The key here is connection and the question is effective communication with the infinite. If the communication is effective, one only need say the prayer once and there is no need for endless nagging. This sounds familiar even when we communicate with each other let alone Oneness. Let’s examine what happens when we pray with specific minds and what are the implications;

When we pray with our Conscious Mind, it is only “Wishful Thinking”. And since humans are the only species on Earth that are given ‘Free Will’, the celestial and infinite consciousness will not interfere and intervene.

As with most people, they are taught how to pray with the rote method and over consistent practice becomes a Sub-Conscious Mind activity of repetitive action and reaction. Prayer in this way is created into our “Belief Systems” and habits. Yet there is still no connection with the higher consciousness.

It is only when we pray with our Super-Conscious Mind that the connection to the Universal Mind or God Consciousness is made. Why do I have to learn this the hard way after years of kneeling on my knees and rubbing the prayer beads till my finger prints almost disappeared but more importantly my prayers were heard but not answered. But now it is a different story when I know the science of prayer. Yet again we see that science and spirituality are meant to be inseparable.

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