Saturday, March 13, 2010

What was the Greatest Revelation of the Human Genome Project?

When the available evidence of the Human Genome Project was completed there were stories in the media everywhere about how we share 99.9% of our genetic code with every person on the planet and 99% same with all creatures.

"If you examine the beauty of the double helix, and then go to have your own genome sequence fully analyzed, you will be at once impressed that such a near-perfect phenomenon is at the core of your being, and assured (I hope) that you have so much in common with other tribes of the human species-'race' having gone, along with 'creation' into the ashcan-and further fascinated to learn how much you are part of the animal kingdom as well." (Hitchens 8).

“We show how empathy and compassion cause specific changes in brain function that alter the way we perceive and interact with others – for example, causing us to perceive others as being more similar to ourselves. These changes result in relating to others based more on our similarities than our differences, removing the barriers between “us” and “them”. (Cutler xvi).