Saturday, March 13, 2010

Have You Found the Higher Purpose of Your Life?

by Thomas Kwan.

The purpose of the soul is to evolve as it is part and parcel of Oneness Consciousness. To deny the existence of the soul is to deny the existence of the science of consciousness that physicist and quantum physicist have researched on. One of the many such researches by physicists on consciousness that I admire are reflected in The Physics of Consciousness: The Quantum Mind and the Meaning of Life. Walker, E.H.. 2000. New York, NY: Perseus.

“Even when we lose in life, it’s important not to lose the lesson.” (Linn xviii).

"The one-sentence secret of soul intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge is: Soul carries power, intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge to heal and transform life; what we need to do is ask." (Zhi 111-112).

“After many years of struggling through life, I’ve finally learned the secret: ‘We don’t need to suffer to grow! You can live every moment with joy, no matter what’s happening around you – it’s often simply a matter of telling the truth to yourself.” (Linn preface).

Life then is the school of wisdom for the soul.

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