Saturday, March 13, 2010

Be the Master Over Your Life's Issues

by Thomas Kwan.

Before you can be the master over your life's issues, you have to be aware of the three stages of soul awareness and they are as follows:

1) Deep Un-Aware: Do not know or acknowledge there is a soul. Think they are their thinking mind.

2) Un-Aware: Acknowledge there is a soul but think it only exists after death. Do not know they can connect with soul.

3) Aware: Acknowledge soul’s existence as the authentic self and embark on the process of Soul Awareness Living.

But just knowing that our authentic self is the soul is only an intellectual concept. The process has to cross the mental stage till it becomes a feeling welling from the core of our being, only then does the transformation take place and life takes on a turn for the better in all aspects of our life. It totally changes our perception of how we view people, situations, death, and every other manner of life’s issues. Unconditional love becomes spontaneous and natural as a verb rather than a noun or something so abstract that it’s too good to be true or impossible to achieve. The thinking conscious mind has its limits where as the soul reaches for the limitless Universe.

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