Saturday, March 13, 2010

Understanding Your Three Minds.

by Thomas Kwan.

The many suffering and difficulties in life is due partly to the seclusion of the important role of the soul in one’s life. Our mental thinking capacity is limited as a result of our upbringing, education and experiences in this life alone. But the soul and its ability to tap upon its memory of wisdoms gained through many past lives and its ability to connect to the Universal consciousness opens up unlimited boundaries of creativity, possibilities and abundances.

Before we can understand how to connect with our soul we have to understand the functions of the three minds. The three minds are as follows:
1) Conscious Mind.
2) Sub-Conscious Mind.
3) Super-Conscious Mind.

The Conscious Mind (Thinking Mind); is rational, analytical, thinking, logic and filled with prejudices. It is limited to: This life’s upbringing, education, experience and memory of just this life time. When faced with limitations could end with fear and anxiety. Limitations such as ‘I do not have the proper education or training to do the work, I am not gifted enough, I do not know enough contacts or the right connections, if only....’ are just some of the limitations that the conscious mind faces.

The Illusion of the Conscious Mind:
Because the conscious mind is only connected with and knows only this life time, it has the following illusions:

1) Illusion of separation from Oneness.
2) Illusion of Time & Space.
3) Illusion that the Self is the Body, Ego, Personality.
4) Illusion of aging and that when body dies, the self dies.
5) Illusion that the Mind is the Self.
6) Death is the ultimate end of life.
7) Material Possession is ultimate in Life.

The Sub-Conscious Mind: There are two broad functions of the sub-conscious mind. The first being the autonomous system that controls our basic bodily functions such as breathing, digestion, circulation etc. The second broad function of the sub-conscious mind is the ability to be program by our conscious mind either by direct or indirect, conscious or unconscious inputs. This is where our upbringing, education, prejudices, experiences with life’s issues, and our conditioning become automatic reactions and responses. It is the automatic and spontaneous reaction to both inside our mind and outside stimuli.

When the capacity of the Conscious Mind and Sub-Conscious Mind are combined, they make up about only 10% of our total human potential. This is also the reason why when we just use these two minds to solve life’s issues, we struggle much and life seems to be a never ending steep uphill climb. It is also the reason for much of the soul searching because deep down inside each of us we fell that there is something more about ourselves that is missing.

The Super-Conscious Mind also known as the Universal Mind or God Consciousness; it is our creative, intuitive, abstract capabilities. It is the mind that connects all living species on Earth which includes but not limited to humans, birds, mammals, animals and plants. It is not limited to this life but can tap upon soul’s memory of wisdoms gain through the many past lives we had. It has the ability to connect to the Universal mind of all beings. The super-conscious mind is the major 90% of our human potential. “Divine mind is the one and only reality.” (Filmore 1).

An example of the workings of super-conscious mind is through the observation of babies and how they perceive and interact with their mothers. Before the ability to learn language (conscious mind function), a baby communicate mostly through the connection with the super-conscious mind and he/she could sense how the mother feels or is interacting. It is only when the gateway between the super-conscious minds is disconnected and that is usually on the part of the mother that the baby begins to cry out of frustration to tell that he/she is hungry, thirsty, other physical discomforts or wants interaction and attention.

Another example of how the super-conscious mind works is with our pets. When we want to buy a dog, we do not go to a pet shop and ask if the shop has a puppy that understands Spanish and English. No we don’t but after narrowing down to the species, gender , color and all other physical attributes, we gaze at the eyes of the dog and instantly as if the eyes are the windows to the soul, there is a connection and we make a decision.

There were controlled experiments done in England where dogs were tested if they could sense when their owners were returning from work each day. The controlled experiments entailed sudden impromptu decisions to leave the office at varied times of the day and each time exactly when such decisions were made, the dogs would go to the windows or gates and wait in anticipation for the owners arrival. Likewise too when we are not using our thinking conscious mind and when the phone rings, somehow we instinctively know who is calling.

To understand the above phenomena, science has shown that thought is frequency and emotion is the amplifier and thus our thoughts are broadcast into the ether that all can tune in through their super-conscious mind which is also the Universal Mind. In fact there are successful projects that can broadcast frequencies beyond the hearing ability of human ears that can be used to manipulate human behavior at will through the super-conscious mind. So if we are not aware of the functions of our three minds and learn how to fully utilize them, someone else will control our minds without us knowing and we wonder why!

The power of the super-conscious mind is not just limited to the above examples but could be extended for social, corporate or other human interactive purposes. This is where further research and development could be made to harness this natural human capability for the better of the human race of course.

To learn how to be aware of your three minds and to harness the infinite power of your Super Consciouss Mind, contact Thomas Kwan.